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The most wanted features in luxury property in Valencia in 2021

The pandemic and lockdowns have changed what buyers want from luxury property in Valencia.

Affectionately known as “Spain’s third city”, Valencia’s star has been on the rise in the last 18 months and the coastal elegance of the city is giving Barcelona and Madrid a run for their money.

In November 2020, Bloomberg named Valencia as the #1 city to live in for ex pats.

Valencia’s natural scenic beauty, located as it is on Spain’s east coast, and authentic Mediterranean lifestyle combined make it an attractive proposition for luxury buyers.

The region offers a broad variety of property

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The Spanish Golden Visa: the gateway to Europe for Brits after Brexit

For many British nationals, the UK leaving the European Union has put a spanner in the works when it comes to travelling and living abroad. Since the EU parliament ratified the Withdrawal Agreement in February 2021, securing residency in European countries has become that much more challenging for Brits.

However, while Brexit has been a long and grueling procedure, it has allowed for the prospect of Golden Visas for British Nationals.

These handy visas, originally aimed at affluent Russian, Chinese, and Iranian nationals, enable non-EU citizens to gain residency in Spain in exchange for an investment in property, treasury bonds

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International buyers and mortgages in Spain

We are often asked if international buyers can use mortgages to finance property purchases in Spain. We’re pleased to confirm that Spanish banks will grant mortgages to non-residents.

Each bank has their own lending criteria

However this is subject to each bank’s own lending criteria and it can be a challenge to identify the bank that will suit a potential borrower’s profile. One bank might decline a mortgage that would have been approved by another. Despite this, there are some general parameters that apply:

The percentage of the property cost that is mortgaged is known as the Loan-to-Value (LTV) percentage.

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For architectural beauty and affordable housing, move to Valencia

If you wander along the streets of Valencia, you’ll notice how romanesque structures sit comfortably next to industrial-style coffee shops and modern, geometric houses. It’s this eclectic mix of architecture that makes the city of Valencia so intriguing: old coexists with the new, and the classic mixes seamlessly with the modern.

Valencia has a long architectural history, with buildings dating back to the Roman, Arabic and Christian eras, as well as newer-looking buildings from the modernist period of the early twentieth century.

Aside from its beauty and diversity, Valencia is also an affordable place to live – and is decidedly

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Living the American dream… Valencia style

For many Americans, living the “American dream” no longer involves residing somewhere in the United States – but in a European country like Spain.

While the number of Americans visiting and settling in cities like Barcelona or Madrid is increasing year on year, Valencia – Spain’s third largest city – is also getting its share of attention. In fact, real estate agents are reporting an increase in the number of Americans searching for details on moving to Valencia – a trend which shows little sign of abating.

This is hardly surprising given Valencia’s light and sunny climate, easygoing lifestyle, rich

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Spain’s Golden Visa: Investing in property in Valencia could be your ticket to securing long-term Spanish residency

If you’re a non-EU citizen looking to relocate to Valencia, you may want to check out the Spanish Golden Visa. This visa enables non-EU citizens to gain residency in Spain in exchange for an investment in property. (We discuss more opportunities to invest in Valencia here.)

How does it work?

In 2013, the Spanish government launched the ‘Project of Support for Entrepreneurs and its Internationalisation’ which amended the country’s Immigration Law. These changes mandated that Non-EU citizens could gain an entry visa and a residency permit for Spain - if they made a financial or real estate investment, or set

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Why Valencia is at the front of the remote working trend

Our world is more connected than ever before. The growing increase in internet access (currently 87% in the developed world) and the proliferation of high-speed internet as a result of advances in technology, has affected many aspects of our lives – and has even changed the way we work.

In the last five years, remote working has increased by 44%, as more and more people cotton onto its benefits. For one thing, remote working gives employees the gift of time and freedom: with no commute, no lunchtime rush, and no overtime in the office, working remotely has been

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Considering moving your startup to Spain? Here’s why Valencia should be the first place on your list

Valencia is fast becoming one of Europe’s most recognisable startup hubs.

Just last month, the EU Commission announced Valencia as one of the 12 finalists to compete for the prestigious title of European Capital of Innovation 2020 – a prize awarded to innovative ecosystems that address public challenges and improve the lives of citizens.

Valencian startups are also beginning to turn heads: in July this year, artificial intelligence startup QUIBIM raised €8 million to build its COVID-19 detection software, and transportation company Zeleros raised €7 million to develop a 3km test track for its energy-efficient Hyperloop vehicle.

With a

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The New Extraordinary Normal - Remote Working in Spain

In this article Martin Hayes of SWAN Partners gives his views on the tendency towards remote working and how to make it happen in Valencia with top international real estate company Found Valencia Property.

So, we now all know that remote working is not just the domain of IT professionals. The lock down experience that was hurtled upon us without warning in early March forced us all to grapple with suddenly having to reconfigure the way we work in order to keep our professional lives afloat. Anxious times indeed. As we all got to grips with setting up teleworking solutions

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