Speak to Conor Wilde

Speak to Conor Wilde

Tuesday afternoon
Thursday afternoon

If you are seriously considering purchasing or constructing a property in Valencia city or its immediate surrounding areas.

You may welcome factual advice on areas, expenses, the purchasing process,planning or the do´s and dont´s....

If you would like to speak with Conor Wilde (Founder & Managing Director of Found Valencia) please see below.

I offer to call you and discuss your requirements in detail and guide you correctly

(via Telephone,Skype or FaceTime)

*Please note; this service is strictly only available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 15.00hrs - 19.00hrs Spanish time.

Our offices are staffed from 08.00 - 20.00hrs Monday to Friday for all other enquiries.

Found Valencia are available to work with clients weekends and holidays.