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Below is a detailed list of our after-sale services. References are available from previous clients upon request. Please contact us for any assistance we can offer.

We offer dedicated assistance in arranging the following services:

Changeovers, electricity, internet, telephone, gas and water changeovers and direct debits.

Appointments with lawyers.

Appointments with tax consultants.

Residency permits.

Understanding the correct purchasing processes to follow.

Complete renovation and construction services.

Planning & construction permissions.

Garden design and irrigation.

Swimming pool construction.

Trade professionals, painters, plumbers, electricians.

Arranging chartered surveyors.

Full house inspections before completion.

School search and entry administration (public, bilingual and private)

Property cleaning and turn-key services.

Veterinary clinics and appointments.

Medical appointments, doctors, specialists, special needs, hospitals (private and public).

Dealings with local councils.

Interior design. (previous projects available for your inspection)

Furnishing your property from basic to luxury standards.

Insuring your home and contents.

Property maintenance (Home and garden, cleaning)

Buying a vehicle, insurance and local garages.

Arranging architects and appointments with local town halls.

Help with local day to day aspects in Valencia Spain

Dealing with local banks.

In more detail

Buy or build your dream home with Found Valencia Property:

With each and every one of our clients, we assist you in finding and moving into your new home, we take the stress out of the purchasing process when dealing with local suppliers for connection of your property in Valencia. We also provide services including electricity, council tax, water, TV package, insurance policies, telephone and the Internet, and setting up all direct debits for you.

We offer a convenient time saving service that gives you the choice of service providers and a single point of contact making sure you are fully sopported through every step.. Found Valencia Property solutions.

Found Valencia Property: Sales Preparation Service:

To get the best return on your properties in the Valencian market, at Found Valencia Property we offer a detailed property sales preparation service for getting your home to the optimum condition for market. Exterior and interior property solutions. We know through our vast experience what our clients expect.

Found Valencia Property home integration Services:

We offer a range of services for clients that wish to take advantage of our extensive knowledge of local service providers, including medical assistance, public & private; funeral arrangements; insurance policies for properties; assistance with legal and tax advice for company registration; veterinary services; vehicle purchase and maintenance, including all legal requirements such as ITV (MOT); language classes; social activities…

Long term property rental:

If you require your property/properties to offer a strong return on investment, we can provide with all of knowledge and service required through our extensive database of contacts and clients both providing efficient services and actively seeking rental agreements.

Property Management and maintenance:

Found Valencia Property understand that properties need maintenance, we maintain a large range of properties with the backup and support of a dedicated property maintenance team to assure your property is always in its best condition for personal use, sale or rent. Services include house cleaning, repairs, property maintenance and dealing with solicitors. Our properties include, villas, apartments and luxury houses. Garden and swimming pool maintenance, house cleaning services; painting; plumbing; tiling and the whole range of property maintenance in Valencia. This service can be tailored to suit your personal requirements.

Surveying Services:

At Found Valencia Property we always recommend a full property surveyance when purchasing a home, we are happy to recommend the services of a totally independent chartered surveying company, Marow Chartered Surveyors, regulated by RICS.

Statement by Martin Rowen MRICS, Director Marow Chartered Surveyors

“MAROW Chartered Surveyors are happy to be recommended by FOUND VALENCIA PROPERTY for surveying services.”

“We recognize that it can be difficult to find independent professional advice in Spain, particularly when there are the added complications of language and cultural differences. We are property professionals, based in Valencia on the east coast of Spain, providing a range of services to commercial and residential clients and can be trusted to work in a clear and honest manner on your behalf.”

MAROW Chartered Surveyors have no conflicting loyalty with lawyers, estate agents, contractors or banks. Our advice is completely impartial

We comply with the requirements of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and carry appropriate professional indemnity insurance to protect the interests of our clients. We are registered as a firm regulated by RICS.

Financial Services:

The Found Valencia Property has a team of established mortgage consultants at hand that can source a finance package that is tailored to best suit your needs and requirements.

Personalised finance packages are available on distressed or bank repossessed property.

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