Property in Valencia

At Found Valencia Property we have worked hard to provide you with the best chance to find the property in Valencia that suits you. At a time when many real estate companies have gone out of business, Found Valencia Property has gone from strength to strength. We have built upon a reputation for honesty and reliability in the property market through investment and innovation.

Property in Valencia for international buyers

Found Valencia Property runs a truly international operation from a local base. Through investment in our online presence we have made searching for property in Valencia easier than ever. Also we regularly speak via webcam with clients from many countries across the world investing in property in Valencia property. Testimonials are readily available.Property in Valencia

Our website can help you find property in Valencia that suits your needs, but also give you a real sense of what the property in Valencia and area are like from wherever in the world you are. In the latest section of our website , you will find daily updates of new listings and the latest price reductions.


We live in an age unlike any before. This is the first generation which has the tools to remotely view property from anywhere in the world. At Found Valencia, we believe that we should move with the times and help to enhance these experiences by coupling these great technologies with the personal touch. We are continuously investing in our company to provide our clients with the best of professionalism in the sector.

We are a multi-lingual, multi-national business with a truly international client list. As well as the traditional markets, we have successfully launched into emerging markets such as Russia, Denmark and Scandinavia where more and more people are turning to Found Valencia Property as a company they can trust when looking for property in Valencia. Our relocation services only compliment our offer of property in Valencia.

The Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have long had large international communities but these places are quite different from what you can expect from Valencia.


While Valenica Capital and the surrounding province have a growing international community, the city is much more integrated into the Spanish way of life. Whether you speak the language or not it is very likely that you will feel that you are living a Spanish lifestyle.

At Found Valencia Property your journey with us will not just be a financial transaction to purchase property in Valencia. We will do our best to see that you are fully informed and supported while you explore, make a decision and indeed relocate and start your life here.

At Found Valencia Property some of our staff have themselves relocated to Valencia and so have an enormous amount of experience and understanding when it comes to making the move. We insist on only using valencian suppliers and professionals in the areas we work.


Our website offers lots of local insight and information. We provide advice, help and support in practically every area from initial enquiries to after-sale service.

Our goal is to use our local knowledge to help make it easier for you to decide to take the step and make a move to Valencia. Peace of mind is priceless, and with our support, choosing a property in Valencia will be a very positive experience.

Found Valencia has embraced new technologies to provide more transparency and so allow us to be as open as possible with prospective clients.

We have survived the worst period in the history of the Spanish housing market, when many of our competitors have gone out of business simply because our clients come to trust us and so when their friends or work colleagues are looking for property in Valencia, they send them to us. Recommendations are a big part of our business. A new addition to our website is our News and Local Info & Help section, We hope that you find the content too your satisfaction and useful if you are considering a property in Valencia, This News section is available in Russian and Spanish also.